The dropbox makes it easy for faculty and students to share files. It's perfect for classes where students need to create, submit and share multimedia assignments.

Features of the system include:
  • No set limit on the amount of files in each dropbox
  • No set limit on individual file size
  • Separate permissions for students and instructors

Dropbox instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When uploading, why do I get a 2038 error?

2. Why does my upload start, but stops in the middle?

  • Check to see if your computer is not going to sleep duing the upload.

3. How many files can I upload at one time?

  • 10

4. What is the size limits per file/per dropbox?

  • There is no size limit on individual files or drop boxes, however uploading large files on a home Internet connection may take up to 1 hour or more.

5. Why won't my video upload?

  • Check the file size of your video. If it's larger than 1 GB or roughly 1,000 MB, please reduce the size of your video using a video editing program. Newer video cameras record video in high definition which causes a large file. If you are using a Flip video camera, open the FlipShare software, select your video, click 'Share Online', then select 'Other Web sites'. This will create a copy of your video which will be smaller and easier to upload.

Contact Us

If you are a member of the KSU community or are collaborating with a member of the KSU community, please submit a support ticket at include your or their FlashLine ID and the name of the KSU box so that we may continue to assist you.

The application is available only to Kent State University faculty, staff, and their students. It is not affiliated with the commercial service.

If you are looking for assistance with the commercial service, please contact their support center at: